Saving Money for Travel - Seven Useful Tips to Remember

The story shares seven crucial tips on how to save money for travel. It highlights the importance of determining travel expenses, setting up a dedicated travel fund, making use of credit card rewards, leveraging travel offers, capitalizing on free night certificates offered by credit cards, avoiding travel debt, and using points to book accommodations.

Published over three months ago
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Reviewed by Rifka Kats

This article offers seven practical tips to save money for travel. First, it advises setting a clear budget for your trip, factoring in aspects like accommodation, meals, and activities. Creating a dedicated travel funds account and making regular contributions towards it is another useful strategy mentioned. The piece also suggests using travel rewards on your credit card, hunting down travel offers and discounts, and utilizing free night certificates from your credit card to save on hotel stays. It strongly advises against resorting to credit to finance travel. Finally, it recommends using reward points for booking accommodations to avoid additional costs and take advantage of member-exclusive discounts.

Traveling makes our life more interesting and fulfilling. But for them to be truly successful, you need to match your desires with your budget. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting into debt or spending on the road the money that you kept for other purposes. There is another side to this phenomenon. Many people give up on the idea of traveling because they find it too expensive and financially unsustainable for them. We offer up-to-date tips on how to save money while traveling.

No. 1. Set a budget for your trip

Determine how much money you need for travel expenses, including flights, accommodation, activities, and meals. Setting a clear budget will give you a goal to work towards. But, how to understand how much money you need for a vacation?

There will be many factors that affect the final amount:

  • country and city of travel;
  • transport and transfers;
  • cost of accommodation per night and meals;
  • approximate cost of living for one day;
  • interest in excursions, attractions, and shopping;
  • the need to rest in the total economy.

For miscalculations, think about all the above nuances and try to calculate everything. Get to know the country, find travel tips, and more.

For example, if you plan to relax in a hotel, you can rent a room on an all-inclusive basis. You can probably save a lot on food this way. And if you are interested in an excursion, you should not buy it from the hotel representatives. It will cost a lot more. Ask where they offer excursions at competitive prices, as well as other services that you expect.

Think of everything where you can save. Find a market where it will be cheaper to buy groceries than ready meals in a restaurant, rent a car to save on excursions, etc. Think over the route of visiting the most interesting sights and decide how best to get to them. For example, today there are websites where you can profitably purchase a ticket for various sightseeing tours in Amsterdam, Berlin, Stockholm, and other cities. Correspondingly, if you care about what to do in Amsterdam or what places to see in Copenhagen, the tour package will provide you with ready solutions.

When all such nuances are taken into account, it is much easier to plan the final budget for the trip.

No. 2. Create a road fund

Open a separate savings account specifically for your travel funds. Automate recurring contributions to this account to ensure continued progress toward your goal. Even if you save only $20 a week, in a year you will have more than $1,000.

No. 3. Choose travel rewards

If you have a credit card that offers travel rewards, use it wisely for your daily expenses. Earn points or miles to help offset travel expenses.

No. 4. Take advantage of travel offers

Follow travel offers, discounts, and promotions. Booking flights and accommodations during sales or low season can save you significant money. Learn as much as you can about the country and city you are planning to travel to. In addition to additional motivation, you will get the opportunity to learn even more about ways to save money.

No. 5. Take advantage of free nightly certificates for your credit card

Using free overnight credit card vouchers to save on travel can be a great way to save on hotel stays. Before you start planning your trip, please read the terms and conditions of the Free Night Passes carefully. Find out in which hotels and room categories they operate, as well as check their validity periods. Due to the limited validity period, you will have to plan your trip well in advance.

Choose popular high-cost destinations Then you can make the most of the savings from Free Night Passes.

No. 6. Don't Travel on Debt

Temporary euphoria from traveling on credit very quickly changes into reality in which you owe a round sum for your vacation. Therefore, in no case do not use credit funds to pay for any services and purchases while traveling. Otherwise, a week-long vacation will turn into many months of hard labor, where you will pay a lot of interest and will not be able to afford anything extra. And this does not mean savings, but about serious problems in your budget.

Better use additional sources of income or reorganize your budget. This will lead to large sums and the opportunity to travel with pleasure.

No. 7. Use points to book

Booking hotels with points is a great way to get extra benefits and save on accommodation while traveling. For example, some hotels charge resort fees, which can significantly add to the value of your stay. By booking with points, you can avoid these additional costs and save money.

Many hotel loyalty programs offer their members additional discounts and privileges. The accumulated points can be exchanged for discounts on accommodation, meals and other services at the hotel.


Saving money on travel can be a difficult but rewarding goal.Just stay true to your purpose and remind yourself of the exciting events that await you on your journey. Follow these tips with each one. Successful savings and unforgettable trips!

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