Continuous Tracking with Anywhere Access

Take your portfolio tracking to the next level! Quickly, and easily, track or share all of your investments from the convenience of any device including tablets and smart-phones. Whether you are maintaining existing watch lists, monitoring synthetic positions, managing real investment portfolios or retirement accounts, you can now track it using Macroaxis portfolio link which is compatible with most web-enabled, desktop or mobile devices.

On the Web, Mobile, RSS, Desktop & Social Net

Macroaxis Mobile Portfolio Tracker gives all users the ability to track, integrate or share multiple portfolios for free. It delivers prices, daily low/high, volume, and daily change for single assets in your portfolio as well as its total market value and daily change. Below are the three easy steps to track or share portfolios from anywhere:

1. Create or Import portfolio

Import real portfolios or retirement accounts or simply create a brand-new portfolio that mimics or simulates your existing holdings. We will automatically update your positions with fresh historical and market data.

2. Get portfolio access link

Specify sharing properties for your portfolio. You can access your portfolio from anywhere or share it with anybody from the convenience of any device including tablets and smart-phones.

3. Take your portfolio anywhere

Use or share your portfolio using any device. We keep track of evolving technologies and makes sure Portfolio Link will be compatible with most web-enabled, desktop or mobile devices.
Portfolio Optimization

What is Portfolio Link?

Macroaxis provides a way of accessing all investment portfolios through a secure portfolio link. With Macroaxis Portfolio Link you can track all your portfolios from anywhere or share it with anybody without signing in to Macroaxis.
Why would you use Portfolio Link?
In the age where financial information technology evolves not year by year but minute by minute communicating portfolio ideas to third parties is becoming one of the most crucial aspects for successful money management. Using Macroaxis technology you can communicate your portfolio DNA instantly. Here are some of the situations where Portfolio Link will generate instant benefits both to you and your counter-party.
  • Showing your child's college fund overview to your wife over lunch
  • Sending your portfolio to a financial advisor and asking him if he can improve it
  • Generating proposal for your client and sending him the link to review it
  • Giving read only any-time portfolio access to your high-end client who does not like to visit you in the office
  • Sharing investing idea with your friend or colleague

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