Edit Your Assumptions

Basic Optimization Preferences

Specify your time horizon and how much of market risk you are willing to tolerate.

Investing Horizon

Risk Tolerance

Advanced Input

Please note that changing advanced inputs can significantly alter your results. Make sure you carefully select your inputs before running your modules!

Risk Free Rate

Minimum Daily Returns

Minimum Position Weight

Maximum Position Weight

Cash Reinvestment

Confidence Interval

Default Budget

Specify your currently available budget. We will allocate the positions as close to your budget as possible when running models.

Filtering Criteria

This filtering criteria is used to narrow down your searchies for perspective portfolio positions. Make sure you carefully select your inputs before running your custom filters! For your convenience we have selected default inputs from the perspective of a typical investor.

Performance Filter

Odds of Distress Filter

Thematic filter

Position type Filter

You can specify or change your investing preferences at any time while using Macroaxis. Your input will be used every time we run analytics on individual positions or a portfolio as a whole. Please be careful when selecting your model input as they may significantly affect our models' results. Additionally, be extra diligent when tweaking advanced input values, and if not sure, please do not commit any changes.