Financial Content

Macroaxis provides financial content in the form of ready-to-use stock tickers and multiple financial widgets such as display charts, stock info panels, heat-maps, and stock quote lookups for financial blogs, trading forums, investment related sites, educational institutions, corporate intranet pages, and other sites. It covers most of the stocks, ETFs, funds, cryptocurrencies, and indexes from multiple exchanges worldwide. Cut & paste integration is simple and can be done by anybody in just a few seconds.

Defining Financial Content

Today, regular consumers, retail investors, and the general public are all starving for better, more accessible, real-time financial content. It is very common for fintech companies to provide audiences with different types of guidance regarding stock market advice, investment information, and various other finance topics. However, not all financial content is good and reliable. Macroaxis creates meaningful financial content and very reliable distribution methods for its financial widgets, stock tickers, and shareable portfolios.
Financial Content
Since 2010, Macroaxis gives financial web applications worldwide a big boost by enabling quick integration of customizable financial widgets and stock tickers. Our reusable web components used to distribute on-demand financial information, including stocks, funds, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, and indexes, as well as world market quotes, changes, and fundamentals.

Financial Content Integration

We make comprehensive HTML5, customizable financial content that can be easily integrated into websites, investment portals, business blogs, or commercial online media outlets. Macroaxis financial content can be syndicated either individually or as part of pre-configured bundles. All content can be branded with specific themes, including logos, colors, and composition.
No programming or special skills to integrate
Tailor financial content to custom requirements
Save time with self-updating, high impact content
Increase traffic, web presence, attract advertisers
Our financial content is a set of portable, reusable, and highly encapsulated HTML5 scriplets that can be installed within any website without programming. The target sites include fintech portals, trading forums, investment related sites, personal or business blogs, or financial media outlets. All syndicated bundles come with a built-in market browser and dynamic searchable interface for symbol lookups including global equities, funds and ETFs.
Macroaxis provides much more than the typical company lookup you may have seen on financial portals. We provide useful content that specifically tailored towards attracting investors to fintech to increase conversions and web footprints

What is financial content syndication?

Our hosted financial content syndication is a turn-key system for organizations like yours to gain a competitive advantage. Macroaxis delivers a world-class financial content solution suite in the most flexible, cost-effective way possible. The Macroaxis solution for widgets, tickers, and financial content is a software as a service (SaaS) platform that includes a robust set of cross-site scripting methodology that makes it easy and convenient to integrate into your existing web site. It does not require any modifications to your existing database or schema and can be running on your site in less than a minute.

What to expect after integrating our Financial Content?

Secured content delivery

A secured enterprise-class solution that allows you to provide a professional look to your web site or blog, increase visibility across your customer base, and it scales to all user base without putting additional load on your hardware infrastructure.

Automated Updates

Automatic upgrades, so you can be sure that you have the most current and comprehensive solution available on the market.

Quick time to value

There is no software to install or maintain, which means your implementation starts building value right away. It takes less than a minute to integrate in your existing web site

Comprehencive Support

World class support from the experts. Our skilled team can easily assist with additional customization and answer support questions.

Key benefits of using Macroaxis Financial Content

With the comprehensive Macroaxis solution we provide an online set-up wizard and key documentation you need to implement in less than a minute and you never have to worry about maintaining the software yourself. The main benefits of using Macroaxis Finanancial Content are:

Rich Features

The Macroaxis solution always offers state of the art financial content functionality based on your specific requirements. There are 30+ widgets available to fit your custom needs.


Integration Macroaxis solution on your website will be a seamless experience for your users since our solution works within your website or blog. Besides, our code is compatible with all browsers and is platform and language independent.


With the Widget Financial content functionality being run by Macroaxis servers, you can rest assured that your deployment will always be accessible and scalable to millions of users. Since all the financial content is delivered through Macroaxis servers directly to client browsers, you never need to upgrade your hardware or buy addition bandwidth to support this additional content.

Trending Themes

If you are a self-driven investor, you will appreciate our idea-generating investing themes. Our themes help you align your investments inspirations with your core values and are essential building blocks of your portfolios. A typical investing theme is an unweighted collection of up to 20 funds, stocks, ETFs, or cryptocurrencies that are programmatically selected from a pull of equities with common characteristics such as industry and growth potential, volatility, or market segment.
Impulse Idea
Invested over 100 shares
Chemicals Idea
Invested over 40 shares
Momentum Idea
Invested over 20 shares
Blockchain Idea
Invested few shares
Banking Idea
Invested over 30 shares
Artificial Intelligence Idea
Artificial Intelligence
Invested few shares
Macroaxis Index Idea
Macroaxis Index
Invested over 70 shares
Baby Boomer Prospects Idea
Baby Boomer Prospects
Invested over 60 shares
Hedge Favorites Idea
Hedge Favorites
Invested over 100 shares
Check out your portfolio center.
Note that this page's information should be used as a complementary analysis to find the right mix of equity instruments to add to your existing portfolios or create a brand new portfolio. You can also try the USA ETFs module to find actively traded Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) in USA.

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