Price Index Indicators

NationBLSCensusPriceRateGDPInflationIndustryBEAFRBPopulationPersonsACSPPIMSAStateEmploymentRealEstimateHousingManufacturingMEIUnemploymentIncomeInterestSaipeBanksPrivateCommoditiesMedianCPINipaGoldEnergyMetalsPrice IndexStock MarketInvestmentCurrencyReal EstateAll Indicators
Sticky Price Consumer Price Index less Food and Energy4.60Percent Change from Year Ago
Used Cars and Trucks in US City184.15Base 1982-1984  100
All Commodities Indicator250.70Base 1982  100
Personal Consumption Expenditures Chain type Price Index121.42Base 2017  100
SP CoreLogic Case Shiller US National Home Price Index313.80Base Jan 2000  100
Personal Consumption Expenditures Excluding Food and Energy120.29Base 2017  100
Pulp Paper and Allied Products Wood Pulp212.27Base 1982  100
Plastics Material and Resin Manufacturing310.59Base Dec 1980  100
Median Consumer Price Index6.54Percent Change at Annual Rate
Metals and Metal Products Cold Rolled Steel Sheet and Strip433.17Base Jun 1982  100
Total Manufacturing Industries243.68Base Dec 1984  100
Purchasing Power of the Consumer Dollar in US City32.40Base 1982-1984  100
Shelter in US City Average Indicator392.45Base 1982-1984  100
Food in US City Average Indicator327.81Base 1982-1984  100
Food at Home in US City305.79Base 1982-1984  100
Cement and Concrete Product Manufacturing242.26Base Dec 2003  100
SP CoreLogic Case Shiller 20 City Composite Home Price Index320.79Base Jan 2000  100
Chemicals and Allied Products Industrial Chemicals290.46Base 1982  100
Energy in US City Average Indicator277.90Base 1982-1984  100
Final Demand Finished Goods Less Foods and Energy250.16Base 1982  100
Medical Care in US City556.81Base 1982-1984  100
Special Indexes Construction Materials334.26Base 1982  100
Chemical Manufacturing Indicator348.42Base Dec 1984  100
Truck Transportation Indicator182.69Base Dec 2003  100
Corrugated Paperboard in Sheets and Rolls Lined and Unlined329.76Base 1982  100
Apparel in US City Average Indicator129.26Base 1982-1984  100
Services Less Energy Services in US City408.76Base 1982-1984  100
Metals and Metal Products Iron and Steel338.00Base 1982  100
Metals and Metal Products Indicator312.20Base 1982  100
General Freight Trucking Long Distance Truckload174.87Base Dec 2003  100
SP CoreLogic Case Shiller CA San Francisco Home Price Index350.09Base Jan 2000  100
Electric Power and Specialty Transformer Manufacturing429.23Base Jun 1981  100
New Vehicles in US City179.49Base 1982-1984  100
Building Material and Supplies Dealers205.20Base Dec 2003  100
Paint and Coating Manufacturing414.54Base Jun 1983  100
Metals and Metal Products Steel Mill Products321.55Base 1982  100
SP CoreLogic Case Shiller CA Los Angeles Home Price Index424.70Base Jan 2000  100
Oil and Gas Field Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing324.51Base Dec 1980  100
Lumber and Wood Products Lumber246.41Base 1982  100
Deep Sea Freight Transportation407.83Base Jun 1988  100
Electricity in US City276.95Base 1982-1984  100
Owners Equivalent Rent of Residences in US City402.59Base Dec 1982  100
Pharmaceutical Preparation Manufacturing910.45Base Jun 1981  100
Industrial Commodities Indicator252.16Base 1982  100
Medical Care Services in US City604.72Base 1982-1984  100
Semiconductor and Other Electronic Component Manufacturing57.83Base Dec 1984  100
Sticky Price Consumer Price Index0.54Percent Change
Food Manufacturing Indicator250.29Base Dec 1984  100
Industrial Valve Manufacturing329.87Base Jun 1991  100
Gasoline in US City293.29Base 1982-1984  100
Metals and Metal Products Carbon Steel Scrap569.03Base Dec 1986  100
Transportation and Warehousing Industries167.39Base Dec 2006  100
Food Away from Home in US City363.25Base 1982-1984  100
Rent of Primary Residence in US City411.46Base 1982-1984  100
All Items Total United States129.42Base 2015  100
Total Retail Trade Industries Indicator157.49Base Dec 2006  100
Construction Machinery Manufacturing345.88Base Dec 1980  100
Synthetic Rubber Including Styrene Butadiene Rubber and Ethylene Propylene173.81Base Jun 2003  100
Fuels and Related Products and Power No 2 Diesel Fuel327.92Base 1982  100
Lumber and Wood Products Indicator295.62Base 1982  100
Lumber and Wood Products Plywood281.73Base 1982  100
Switchgear and Switchboard Apparatus Manufacturing311.95Base Jun 1985  100
Other Aircraft Parts and Equipment Manufacturing206.42Base Jun 1985  100
Turbine and Turbine Generator Set Units Manufacturing262.95Base Jun 1982  100
Aluminum Sheet Plate and Foil Manufacturing200.97Base Jun 1981  100
Corrugated Shipping Containers Paper and Allied Products396.40Base Mar 1980  100
Air Transportation Indicator262.61Base Dec 1992  100
Industrial Gas Manufacturing Indicator234.47Base Dec 2003  100
Iron and Steel Mills and Ferroalloy Manufacturing279.25Base Jun 1982  100
Aircraft Engine and Engine Parts Manufacturing266.00Base Dec 1985  100
Total Wholesale Trade Industries187.98Base Dec 2006  100
Farm Products Grains Indicator182.98Base 1982  100
Electric Power Distribution Indicator183.51Base Dec 2003  100
Petroleum Lubricating Oil and Grease Manufacturing638.83Base Dec 1980  100
Synthetic Rubber Manufacturing Primary Products233.39Base Jun 1981  100
Automobile Light Truck and Utility Vehicle Manufacturing168.94Base Jun 1982  100
Glass and Glass Product Manufacturing168.69Base Dec 2003  100
SP CoreLogic Case Shiller WA Seattle Home Price Index363.85Base Jan 2000  100
Education and Communication in US City145.35Base Dec 1997  100
Supermarkets and Other Grocery Stores278.37Base Dec 1999  100
Fruit and Vegetable Canning Indicator291.97Base Jun 1981  100
All Other Basic Organic Chemical Manufacturing Primary Products385.59Base Dec 1982  100
Line Haul Railroads Indicator263.81Base Dec 1984  100
Intermediate Demand by Commodity Type Processed Goods Intermediate Demand252.61Base 1982  100
Medical Care Commodities in US City407.88Base 1982-1984  100
Fuels and Related Products and Power Gasoline213.45Base 1982  100
Hardware Manufacturing Indicator270.31Base Jun 1985  100
Fuels and Related Products and Power Crude Petroleum204.12Base 1982  100
New Car Dealers Indicator165.67Base Dec 1999  100
Other Fabricated Wire Product Manufacturing329.98Base Dec 1982  100
Final Demand Finished Consumer Foods266.37Base 1982  100
Ball and Roller Bearing Manufacturing351.28Base Jun 1983  100
Airline Fares in US City261.93Base 1982-1984  100
Sheet Metal Work Manufacturing299.07Base Dec 1982  100
General Medical and Surgical Hospitals234.05Base Dec 1992  100
SP CoreLogic Case Shiller CA San Diego Home Price Index423.63Base Jan 2000  100
Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices All Items Euro area123.58Base 2015  100
Other Heavy Machinery Rental and Leasing139.11Base Dec 2003  100
Processed Foods and Feeds Meats226.42Base 1982  100
Chemicals and Allied Products Pharmaceutical Preparations294.91Base Jun 2001  100
All Items in US City302.20Base 1982-1984  100
All Items Less Food and Energy in US City313.62Base 1982-1984  100
SP CoreLogic Case Shiller NY New York Home Price Index294.13Base Jan 2000  100
Scheduled Passenger Air Transportation327.31Base Dec 1989  100
Current Carrying Wiring Device Manufacturing298.15Base Dec 1981  100
Processed Foods and Feeds Prepared Animal Feeds239.04Base 1982  100
Transportation Equipment Motor Vehicles172.23Base 1982  100
Intermediate Demand by Commodity Type Unprocessed Goods Intermediate Demand239.87Base 1982  100
Offices of Physicians Except Mental Health156.62Base Dec 1993  100
SP CoreLogic Case Shiller IL Chicago Home Price Index198.39Base Jan 2000  100
SP CoreLogic Case Shiller TX Dallas Home Price Index292.41Base Jan 2000  100
SP CoreLogic Case Shiller MA Boston Home Price Index324.87Base Jan 2000  100
SP CoreLogic Case Shiller CO Denver Home Price Index317.02Base Jan 2000  100
Food and Beverages in US City325.26Base 1982-1984  100
SP CoreLogic Case Shiller FL Miami Home Price Index429.85Base Jan 2000  100
SP CoreLogic Case Shiller AZ Phoenix Home Price Index327.44Base Jan 2000  100
Economic indicators are statistical data points that provide information about the overall health and performance of an economy. These indicators help economists, analysts, policymakers, and investors assess the current state and predict future trends in economic activity
Source: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (

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